Roll your own entropy with 2048 smooth rolling chrome steel ball bearings. #BIP39

WARNING: We have discovered an error in one of the ball sets with a duplicate ball number. If you don't understand what this means, you probably should not buy this product. That being said, the entropy reduction of a handful of errors is fine. Regardless, with this information, we can only suggest this as a novelty item, unless you really really know what you are doing. Scroll down to learn more. Purchase at

21 Baller: grab your seed entropy by the balls.

Hard money, hard balls

How do you actually verify the integrity of 2048 balls?


We evenly divide the balls across 32 individually numbered bags of 64, starting with balls 0000-0063.


Grab random bag, and check that that bag appears to have one of each ball in range. Be extra: weigh the bag.


Get on Nostr. Ask around. Are other people saying 21 Baller sent them balls that all said 0138 (bacon)?

High precision

If you want 2048 objects that are extremely similar in mass and shape (leaving aside crazy physics experiments), you cannot beat ball bearings.

Bitcoin brings better goods

Drop the plastic. Steel is real.

Right Size

We wanted 6.15mm diameter balls and managed to get 6.35mm. Readable and holdable, not too bulky.

right vessel

Our oversized orange-red wide-mouth plastic bottles are about twice as big as ball volume. Space to shake it up.

Right Weight

Feel the weight of your bitcoin security as you shake around 1.25 kg of steel balls.

Don't trust RNGs

Luke Dash Jr, who is smarter than you or I, lost his ~200 bitcoin life savings seemingly from an obscure RNG bug in the particular computer he was using. You can verify dice roll math if you want to read a python script, and then also check a separate offline device, and you should have re-flashed firmware as well to make sure what you verified is what you have -- or you can see exactly what each of the first 23 words are.

Trust your balls

Be a 21 Baller. Just don't leave skin oil residue on balls you touch that an evil maid could use to collapse your entropy.

Why should I trust your store? I have a history of delivering high quality hardware that customers love: red light therapy, cyan daytime light, and glasses that actually block out all blue light at, a water pillow that stays cold all night ColdBed, and vaginal red light therapy as an elaborate troll to make fun of so-called deeptech VCs at Aurora's Magic Wand. I'm also a materials engineer working on some cool stuff so when you buy my stuff, you play a tiny role in advancing human civilization as I am now bootstrapping R&D for a new project.